In order to deliver the sold cars to customers faster, from now on Iran Khodro products will be transported from Kermanshah to Tehran by rail.

Frosti, head of Iran Khodro Kermanshah’s transportation and loading group, announced that due to the increase in production at the Iran Khodro Kermanshah factory, the transportation and handling of the company’s products started by rail. Frosti said: Considering that the daily production of Iran Khodro Kermanshah has increased from 120 cars to 175 cars per day and it was difficult to transport this number of cars by road, an attempt was made to use the capacity of railways and railways to move the products. The coordination of railways was agreed for the first time to move 400 cars per week by rail.This decision has caused a great opening in the movement of cars from Kermanshah to Tehran and has improved the road traffic to a great extent. Frosti said: This action has accelerated the fulfillment of Iran Khodro Kermanshan’s commitments to customers and the company’s commitments to customers are fulfilled on time. He added that the products that are transported to Tehran by rail will be sent from Tehran to all over the country. Frosti said: Iran Khodro Kermanshah Company has been producing continuously for three years and during this period it has succeeded in increasing the daily production from 120 to 175 vehicles per day. The plan to build the site of Iran Khodro in Kermanshah was one of the approvals of the Supreme Leader’s visit to this province.He said: Rail transportation of products has provided conditions for the development of activities in this company and ease of transportation. He added: “Peugeot Pars is currently being produced in bulk at the Kermanshah automobile factory.” At present, 200 specialists are working in this factory, and we are able to send 15,000 cars to the market every year. The construction of the Iran Khodro factory in Kermanshah with an infrastructure of 15,000 square meters in a land area of ​​30 hectares was one of the approvals of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution’s visit to Kermanshah province, which began on October 1, 2014 in Sahne city. The first phase of this factory started with an investment of 570 billion Rials.

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