Entrusting a shipping firm with the full transit process of the products from the moment of reception to the time of delivery of the goods at the destination is unquestionably one of the major worries for the owners of goods in the sphere of international transportation of goods. Gathering documents, making payments, keeping track of the current condition of the products, etc., are all considerably simpler in this situation. As a result, we have earned a reputation as an international integrated transport firm with a fleet of rail and roads and the most qualified professionals in transit and transportation. 

We have been able to deliver precise and calculated forwarding in situations beyond the domain of the Samand Rail fleet by making the appropriate transportation plans. In order to provide the greatest services to consumers within and outside of Iran, we employ the most effective transportation model, which includes sea, rail, air, and road transportation. In east-west (from China to Europe) and north-south (from India to Russia and vice versa) corridors, we can carry products based on containers or other containers. We are one of the few businesses that can provide a private fleet to handle all or a portion of the transportation operation.

Samand Rail’s international transportation activities include:

rail transportation of vehicles and other products from Iran to Turkey.


Additionally, here are some other services we can offer:

  • Offering clients expert counsel
  • Producing a bill of lading or obtaining one from a transportation firm
  • Preparing the necessary documentation
  • Making a three-way transport agreement
  • Making a three-way transport agreement
  • Cargo insurance