Iran’s strategic position between Central Asia and the Middle East has significantly facilitated communication between Asian and European nations. The Islamic Republic of Iran has created and allowed the passage of direct and indirect rail routes due to the significance of this subject, the growth of the domestic rail network, the connection of Iranian ports to this network, and the presence of rail borders with neighbouring countries.


Among Iran’s operational railway frontiers are the Sarakhs and Incheh Borunrailway borders, Iran’s communication path with Turkmenistan and the nations of the CIS region, the Razi frontier, the gateway to Turkey and European nations, and Mirjaveh as a link path with Pakistan.


One of the most significant routes travelling through Iran is the North-South Corridor. This corridor was established to link the Indian Ocean with Russia and nations in northern Europe. From the time of admission via the southern ports of Iran until the time of departure through the Caspian Sea ports, it travels across the soil of this region.


Samand Rail company has made it possible to play a significant role in the nation’s rail transit transportation in addition to offering internal transportation services by relying on the information, experience, and expertise of its effective employees and profiting from railway facilities and equipment.

The following are some of the rail transit-related services Samand Rail offer:

  • From China to all of Iran, container goods are transported by rail via the east-west line.
  • Goods are transported by road through the east-west corridor from China’s starting point through all of Iran to Turkey and Europe.
  • Consolidated freight transit from Indian ports to Russia and vice versa via the south-north route
  • Moving various types of containerized freight, bulk goods, and passenger vehicles along the Iran-Turkey-Iran path
  • Moving all different types of transit cargo via the Bandar Abbas – Sarakhs/Incheh Borun – Bandar Abbas path.
  • Movement of a variety of transit commodities along the path Bandar Amirabad, Bandar Abbas, and Bandar Abbas.

Moving various types of transit cargo via the Razi-Sarakhs/Incheh Borun-Razi path