Road Transportation

Without any doubt the biggest and widest communication network of the world is road transportation. Samand Rail Company with the aim of delivering desirable services in multimodal transportation has entered this field and utilized its own hardware and soft ware resources in a best manner.

Samand Rail is ready to offer service in all parts of the country with owning trucks trailer tractors, trailers and equipment which are suitable for usage in different types of loading, shipping and unloading different types of goods including car, car body, car parts, and thick pipes, container and other non –container products and oil and chemical materials as containerized consignment.

Samand Rail Company delivers a distinguished service enjoying its own modern road terminal located in the West of Tehran. Since Ghadir Road Terminal possesses a desirable geographic location and easy access to freeways and industrial centers of Tehran and has special facilities and complies with high standards of maintenance, safety and security, it is considered a turning point in transportation

service of Samand Rail and it is potentially a good example for other companies active in this field. The area of the Terminal is about 4000m2 and is well equipped to repairing services, carwash and other facilities.

All fleets are equipped to GPS and analyze the received information from the status of the cargos real-time and if it is required it will be communicated to the customers.

As Samand Rail Company observes standards and principles exactly in all processes of shipping, loading, unloading and delivering goods, this company is a good partner considering following features:

-Loading, shipping and unloading with due caution and observing the required standards.

-Appropriate shipping with the utmost caution, speed and high quality

– Door to door shipping form first departure to final destination

-Fair Competitive price

– Responding to and cooperation with customer at all steps.