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Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal Transportation

Sea, Rail and Road Transportaion

Nowadays sea transportation exceeds all other transportation fields in importance because of   using International Waters and making significant contribution to transferring goods in a massive manner and between continents.

Samand Rail company with relying on its powerful agents in different ports has the capability to load and unload the goods from huge ships, carry out customs ceremonies and also carry imported goods to Iran through rail and road. The brilliant background of Samand Rail Company in shipping imported and exported containers has introduced this company as the best container shipping company in the country.

Shipping different sea cargos including heavy goods such as long rails and different types of metro wagons is part of our honors.

The well- experienced staff of Samand Rail Company carries out all ceremonial affairs related to goods release and clearance and customs’ affair by attending in entry and exist ports in the shortest time and in an exact manner.


Shipping All Kinds of Transit Goods

Samand Rail Company enjoying logistics capability ships different types of transit goods to CIS countries, Europe and Asia with high quality.


Air and Road Transpiration

Air Transportation makes a substantial contribution to economic development of countries, so it is often considered as an index of development and growth of countries.

In air transpiration section considering the significant speed and exactitude which exist in this method of transportation, Samand Rail Company acts a forwarder and makes connections with different international air lines.

The multimodal transportation capability provides Samand Rail Company with the opportunity to use its logistic facilities in door to door shipment process and deliver valuable services to its own customers in the logistics chain completely.

Multimodal Transport