A clear picture of Samand Rail’s logistics capabilities can be well understood in Aprin…a rail and road complex with up-to-date facilities that plays a central role in providing Iran Khodro’s logistics supplies.

In this collection, you can see a clearer picture of the organized effort by Samand Rail. In Ahmedabad, Mostofi, near Islamshahr in the southwest of Tehran, Aparin station, or land port, can be a clear vision of what it has. Providing all the logistics needs of Iran Khodro and other companies outside the group use the combined transportation services of this company. At least in recent months, when the management of ISICO was entrusted to engineer Javad Tausali Mehr, one of his goals, according to the order of the senior management of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, was to consolidate Iran Khodro’s logistics in ISICO, and in this, Samand Rail plays a pivotal role.

A four-story building in Pikan city, the main management of Samand Rail is located in it. The office of Amir Reza Taherian, the CEO of the said company, gives you a clearer picture of an effort for his future in the logistics industry. Talk to him about the plans and prospects of Tharanigil. We sat down. Nine years of experience in the position of vice president of marketing and engineering of the Idro rail transport industry and six years as the CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Samand Rail in Taherian’s career means that he has a good understanding of the challenges and strategies of the rail transport industry, which has given him more ability to be able to use his experiences Use yourself well in this regard.Samand Rail shareholders meeting was held in June 2018 in the financial year ending on March 29, 2018, and the financial statements of this company were evaluated favorably by the shareholders of the general meeting, which is a promising trend in recent years. In a situation where our country is facing economic and industrial challenges caused by sanctions, in a year that is a leap year, according to the Supreme Leader, what can be gathered from the results of this forum shows a sympathetic and sincere effort by all. It is the employees of Samand Rail who, honestly, have not spared any effort to create areas for growth and development in this company, and this is what gives us hope for the future.What happened in this forum is empathy and thinking for the quantitative and qualitative development of Samand Rail’s efforts, and all the development projects were approved by Iran Khodro Industrial Group, which gives us a more important motivation to try harder than ever before.Taherian speaks with confidence about Samand Rail’s plans for this year: I seriously say that 2019 will be a year full of success and new achievements for Samand Rail, this is what was emphasized in the assembly. We offer it to our customers at a more reasonable cost, and in general, I believe that in 2019, it is a provider of all logistics services such as rail/road transportation, unloading, loading with warehousing, and forward services, and this variety in the beginning of services and activities in Domestic and international fields can undoubtedly provide the basis for presence and activity in all industrial enterprises in the country and draw golden horizons in the future performance of the company.

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