Logistics forms the backbone of global trade and plays a vital role in all aspects of our everyday lives.So we dare to think differently in order to find new, smarter and better solutions in everything we do, by doing what we do best, we enable businesses to grow and communities to thrive.

SAMAND RAIL create value for customers by delivering exceptional end-to-end supply chain solutions.

To concentrate on mass freight shipment via railroad, road, and multimodal as a carrier and forwarder along with providing warehousing and logistical services inside and outside the national borders.

We support companies of all types and sizes across different sectors from Automotive, to Energy, Industrial & Technology.

Creating value for stakeholders

We value performance and honor our commitments to


Customer Orientation


We are a people and customer-centric organization

Quality service


We are fierce advocates for quality and continually work to develop innovative solutions that drive efficiency, productivity and predictability for our customers.

Human capitals


SAMAND RAIL relies on strong and broad human values that fuel

the dedication and the passion of each staff member.

Performance improvements


Operational excellence is fundamental to our company’s DNA and

an integral part of everything we do



SAMAND RAIL is part of society and

assumes social responsibility.