[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Shahid Rajaee Port Complex of Bandar Abbas is considered as one of the important ports in Iran. With capacity of loading and unloading of about 100 million tons of goods per year, over 55% of import and export and 70% transit of nation ports are handled in this port complex. Also unloading of 90% of loaded goods in containers are handled in this port. As it has the biggest and the most modern terminals for containers in the nation at its disposal, it has the capacity to berth ocean liners.

Regarding the Importance of Shahid Rajaee Port, Samand Rail Company has found an agency office in Shahid Rajaee Port to deliver the best services required by the exporters and importers. Since Bandar Abbas Agency enjoys a specific location, it pays a special attention to shipment and transportation of all kinds of goods, heavy cargos and general cargos and operations in Hormozgan and neighbor provinces. Enjoying appropriate executive capacity and hardworking staff in this agency, all services related to transport, import and export including loading, packing, loading and as well as other services such as customs ceremonies, release and clearance are carried out in this agency.

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