Visions and mission

Vision: Samand Rail should be a leader company in offering and delivering comprehensive rail and multimodal transportation service in Iran.


Mission: Samand Rail with appropriate fleets and technical experience and knowledge in rail transportation field operates in this field with the aim of meeting customers’ demands and increasing benefit along with satisfaction of the stakeholders.


Centralized Values:


Considering the stakeholders’ expectations and organizational sublimity, the values of company are defined as follows:


  • Satisfying stakeholders
  • Balanced and Sustainable Development
  • Human Capitals’ Participation
  • Learning, Innovation and continuous improvement


Headings of Main Missions:


-Logistics services of All Kinds of Goods including Export and Import Goods


-Multimodal Transportation of All Kinds of Domestic, Export, Import and Transit Goods and Products.


-Technical and Engineering Services, Consulting and Merchandizing in Logistics and Transportation Fields.


-Establishing Infrastructure in Professional Logistics Services Field and providing supportive and operational activities.