History of Samand Rail


Samand Rail Company is one of the subsidiaries of Iran Khodro Industrial Group and belongs to Iran Khodro Industrial Service Company (ISEIKCO). The important activities of this company include executing transportation projects of rail, road, sea and multimodal products at national and international level and warehouse services.  Thanks to optimal use of capable and skillful labor forces, equipment, facilities and enjoying capacities of Industrial Group and its subsidiaries, this importance has been achieved. This fortified capability empowers Samand Rail Company to deliver all logistics and warehouse services in the best manner and have door-to- door transportation services for all kinds of goods in different parts of the country for all domestic and international customers.

Some competitive advantages of Samand Rail Company

Enjoying Iran Khodro Industrial Group’ market as a reliable support

Enjoying all kinds of rail and road fleets, logistics equipment which makes it possible to all kinds of cargos.


Enjoying experienced, educated and capable labor forces which guarantee planning and executing operational plans.

Enjoying a private warehouse and dock which promotes a side ranges of services.