Quality Policy

Samand Rail                                                                                                             Date: 12/22/2015

Private Joint-Stock Corporation                                                                           Document Number: L1/01


In the Name of God

Quality Policy


Samand Rail Company having appropriate fleets and technical knowledge in the field of rail transportation of all kinds of goods and cargo at its disposal, operates in this field according to customers’ demands and with the aim of promoting profit along with the stakeholders’ satisfaction.

While this company is studying and attending the markets, which are out of the Group, its target market is Iran Khodro Industrial Group and it is setting targets for attending overseas and International markets.

Samand Rail Company considers meeting and promoting stakeholders’ satisfaction as an essential axle of its policy and in line with organizational sublimity, it has given priority to response to customers retaining following values:

-Creating added valued to our stakeholders

-Management based on processes

-Development and progress by Staff’s participation

-Learning, Innovation and continuous improvement


-Taking responsibility for sustainable future


Hereby I announce my commitment to the quality management system based on standards of ISO9001:2008 and request all employees to truly understand and apply these policies in their activities.


Amir Reza Taherian

Managing Director